The Brave and The Broiled

Jul 21, 2014

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Jul 21, 2014


"Reading is the most important way to prepare for life." - Lois Lowry


"Reading is the most important way to prepare for life." - Lois Lowry

Jul 16, 2014

Jul 16, 2014

Jul 15, 2014

"when I was younger I used to walk through the woods behind my house
knocking on the trees to hear how hollow they were.
eleven years later I do the same thing to myself.
I need to be reminded that even though I can no longer feel the way I used to, that I, just like the trees, am here.

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Jul 12, 2014

Jul 12, 2014

Jul 12, 2014

love letter from a scientist


I am not a poet.
I am a scientist.
I can measure the exact frequency
of your voice when you speak my name,
but I cannot explain how it resonates
with such perfect clarity down my spine.
I can describe the process by which you inherited
your mother’s hair
and your father’s smile,
but I cannot explain where the twinkling galaxies
in your eyes came from.
I am baffled by the apparent gravitational anomaly
that draws me to you
with a force far too great for your size.
I know of no way to quantify 
the volume of your presence
in a room.

I am not a poet.
I am a scientist.
Prose is not my specialty.
I will never be able to combine words
to craft sonorous verses
as easily as I combine chemicals in a flask,
but know this — to me, you are every bit as fascinating
as the view through a microscope.
To me, you are a mystery greater
than any cat in a box,
and are fraught with as much uncertainty.
Each day brings new understanding of you, 
and the knowledge
that there is still far more 
to discover.

I am not a poet.
I am a scientist,
and there is nothing a scientist loves more 
than the the pursuit
of discovery.

Jul 10, 2014

How to Make Choco Tacos at Home

Plans for a great afternoon…

Step 1: Find choco taco recipe

Step 2: Make pterodactyl noises of joy having found choco taco recipe

Step 3: Make choco tacos 

Step 4: Present choco tacos to girlfriend

Step 5: Bask in the praise for finding the most favored of treats

Step 6: Stereo pterodactyl noises 

Jul 8, 2014


Embroidered Leaves by Hillary Fayle. (photos: Natalie Hofert)

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Jul 8, 2014


There’s a new donut in town. 

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Jul 5, 2014

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Jul 3, 2014


Studio Ghibli + Food

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Jul 1, 2014

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Jun 30, 2014


I’m going to do this at my new house. The yard may be tiny, but by the gods, I will have my apple tree.

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